New WIFU Study: The entrepreneurial Family and their Family Strategy

How do German family businesses actually shape the relationship between family businesses and entrepreneurial families? This is an issue that has become more important, especially in the past two decades. But what about the practice of entrepreneurial families? Which family-strategic elements can be found in German entrepreneurial families and what purpose do they serve?

WIFU has carried out a study on the status quo of “family strategies in entrepreneurial families” on this topic. The aim of this research project is, on the one hand, to find out which family-strategic elements are currently being used, when and by whom they were introduced, and above all, for what purpose they serve primarily. On the other hand, the study also wants to shed light on the way in which existing family governance is implemented and lived by the entrepreneurial family and whether it fulfills its intended purpose.

“I will read the study with interest and also believe that a constant dialogue within the family is essential, yet requires a lot of patience. The family interests and strategies can thus contribute to a more “unified” and purposeful growth of the company. “- Christiane Underberg, Partner Underberg GmbH & Co. KG.

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