Major “Family Business”

Study Family Entrepreneurship!


Due to the great demand of Master students for courses with family business content the study programme “Master in Family Business Management (M.Sc.) was integrated in the general Master programme “Management” starting in winter semester 2014/2015.

The master programme „Management“ offers now a Major in „Family Business“ where the previous content of the master programme “Family Business Management” was integrated. Focus is on operative and strategic management of family businesses. 24 credit points have to be achieved to pass the Major successfully. The Major will be explicitly noted on the diploma or transcript.

Students of the Bachelor study programme „Business Economics“ can also attend courses with a focus on family business.

Target group

The Major is interesting for students who want to learn more about the dynamics, interdependencies and challengs of families and enterprises in family businesses. There are especially:

  • Successors and potential shareholders from business families who want to pepare themselves for their future management role
  • Future qualified staff and managers of family businesses who want to shape their organization from a responsible position
  • Persons who want to work as consultant in family businesses
  • External managers and consultant who want to gain more competence on family entrepreneurship


Family businesses can be understood as complete system that consists of three overlapping subsystems which have a mutual influence on each other – enterprise, family and ownership. Contents of this Major refer again and again on action logics, dynamics and interdependencies of these three subsystems. An interdisciplinary understanding is necessary to treat this manifold spectrum of topics.

In context of this Major five modules are offered:

  • M10 Fundamentals of Family Entrepreneurship
  • M11 Family Strategy
  • M12 Succession
  • M13 Crises and Conflicts
  • M14 Independent Studies on Family Business

Further detailed information about the modules of the Major “Family Business” can be found in the Module Compendium, starting on page 36. The compendium is available in our Download Area.

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